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The North coast of Corfu has one of the most diverse shorelines of the island running along the foothills of mount Pandokratoras, it alternates between jagged rocklines and some of the longest stretches of sandy beaches. The small bay of Apraos is one of those sandy beaches, impressively shallow for the first few hundred metres, makes it perfect for families with young children, or SUP lovers who enjoy riding small waves.

At the eastern corner of the beach just behind the shoreline is villa Korali, built on 5000m2 of land with the nearest neighbour being over 100 metres away, the only thing between the villa and the waves of the Ionian sea is the very large pool of the villa. Alternating between the freshness of salt water or comfort of the pool, is literally just a few steps.
The villa offers 6 double bedrooms in the main building, with a detached master bedroom by the pool. The cottage, detached from the main building with its own outer spaces, is a self sufficient unit adding another master bedroom, complete with a kitchenette, sitting room and fireplace. Making sure so many people are well taken care of two fully equipped kitchens, two BBQs, a traditional oven and three dining tables. 

But holidays on an island like Corfu is all about being in the sun, which makes the highlight of fun and relaxation the 350m2 pool which accommodates both children and adults thanks to its unique design. Surrounding the pool is a large chill out area with king size couches, sunbathing areas, an outdoor gym, jacuzzi, pool table, foosball and table tennis and for the really energetic, a full size private tennis court.
Unlike villas which try to impress at first sight, villa Korali earns the affection of its guests through the care, comfort and ability to bring people together.
One of the highlights of villa Korali has to be its unusual pool which engulfs a 150m2 adult and a 20m2 children's pool within its 350m2 total area, allowing everyone to be together, but safe. The pool is cleaned daily and maintained safe with salt electrolysis rather than heavy chlorination.  No pool is complete without a chill out area, two king sized couches between the pool and outdoor dinning table offer shade for sipping long drinks or taking short naps in the cool sea breeze.
The sun and the sea have been and continue to be celebrated in Greece from ancient times, villa Korali staying true to tradition is endowed with a 350m2 unusual pool that combines a child safe and adults pool in one, allowing everyone to enjoy themselves and be together. Extending the areas where guests can relax or play are 500m2 areas of green, some shaded, others perfect for quiet sunbathing.

Next to the pool is an open air gym for those who like to keep fit, or warm up for a game of tennis and for times when its really hot, the pool table, foosball and table tennis can entertain people of all ages any time of the day. But for some, the highlight of relaxation will be sitting in the jacuzzi at sunset counting bubbles with a long drink.

The villa provides all this fun and relaxation in great comfort and a touch of luxury, but just a few steps away lies a long sandy beach and the open sea with all the adventure and excitement one could wish for. There are very, very few villas on this island which offer the transition between luxury and nature with such ease.
Villa Korali can comfortably accommodate 16 people in 8 bedrooms and another 4 adults if necessary, just not with the same level of comfort. Accommodating such a large number of people and keeping everyone happy can sometimes be a challenge, but the unique arrangement of the bedrooms provides a lot of flexibility in how the guests can be accommodated. The main building offers 6 double bedrooms, three on the ground floor and another three on the 1st floor who would enjoy a little more privacy.
Offering even more autonomy is the cottage, detached from the main building with its own garden and outer spaces, it is totally self sufficient, perfect for a family with young children, or elderly as it can be made wheelchair friendly on request. Finally there is yet another detached en-suite bedroom next to the pool, perfect for energetic youngsters or supporting staff. 

All the bedrooms are finished in light soft colours and furnished with natural wood furniture, premium mattresses and linen. Windows are triple glazed, equipped with daylight blocking curtains and of course air-conditioned, allowing guests to sleep any time of the day in total comfort and all bathrooms are stocked with everything a guest may need with some of the finest Greek cosmetics. 
The sun, sea and change of air may be the driving forces behind most holidays, but all this leads to great appetites. Villa Korali being a magnet for large gatherings takes this matter very seriously. Two kitchens, two BBQs and three dining tables serious, including a chef during July and August.
The master kitchen located in the main building is purpose built and equipped to allow a professional chef with assistants to cater for a house full of guests and friends. In addition to all the necessary utensils, it is equipt with 2 ovens, 2 king size fridges and a wine/drinks fridge.

While the master kitchen is the backbone of all good things culinary and the indoor dining table the venue of choice when the weather is not too friendly, the most popular dinning table is outside under a covered veranda, next to which is a second similarly equipt kitchen, complemented by a Broil King BBQ and icemaker, making sure the food is hot and the drinks cool.  A third shaded, open air dining table close to the pool is perfect for brisk breakfasts or light lunches. Being very close to the outdoor dinning table it can also double up as a children's dinning table allowing grownups to enjoy their dinners at a different pace.  

This arrangement of kitchens and dinning tables allows for a lot of flexibility, particularly useful for large gatherings.
Modern kitchens and high tech BBQ equipment are essential for keeping up with the demands of so many people, but nothing can compete with traditional wood fired ovens and BBQs. Time and conditions allowing, nothing compares to cooking in a wood fired oven be it pizza, or traditional slow cooked meats.
The more one discovers about villa Korali, the more it becomes apparent that it's more than a place that can accommodate people.

It is a destination which brings people closer together.
The villa is supported by two full time maids, daily pool and garden service. From June till September breakfast service is also included, while July to August a Chef with an assistant is there to provide lunch or dinner for all the guests. Upon request, additional staff and/or services can be arranged to meet specific needs, or special events.

Also available is 24hr concierge service for anything else the guest may wish for.
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